Geodetic Services

OBSERVING THE BUILDINGS (housing, business, economic and auxiliary)

Observing the buildings consider observing on the terrain, manual and digital processing and getting through the Land registry office. When the agency finishes the work, it goes to the Service for cadastre of immobilities.

The buildings that are being observed don’t need to have construction permission in the legalization case. All other buildings need to have construction permission.

All buildings have got installations(plumbing, electricity, pipeline, phone lines…).

In the goal of legalization of illegal buildings, and their entering into property evidence, this is the first phase in the whole procedure. This is one of the common geodetic services on the terrain.

The price differs from building to building, depending on the area, purpose, or if it is necessary to make preliminary construction, or if it is in the Cadastre of immobilities or in Land registry office.

The agency has got the right to decrease or increase the price, regarding the parameters that influence the price.


Changing the shape and the area of plot is called plot dividing. There are two types of plot dividing: conditional and factitious.

We use a term conditional plot dividing when conditional areas are inside the whole area, and factitious plot dividing when on the terrain is borderline inside the plot.

For the conditional plot dividing we take facts for bounding and conditional area is being counted by coordinates of that plot and dividing line.

The plot dividing is being done by planned acts and urbanistic projects on the areas where the land is nationalized. In other cases dividing is being done on the land which is: pasture, non cultivated area and woods. For the land that is situated in the rural area we can make plot dividing if the parcel is 1ha, and then we get two plots by 0.50ha.


Bounding is a procedure that we use to determinate outside plot borders. Bounding is being done in order to put the buyer in ownership status.


During the procedure of making projects in order to build something, this geodetic service is the first in line. So, before making the project, you need to make the tophographic plan. The tophographic plan is being done in size on investor’s request.

On the tophographic plan there is horizontal and vertical terrain image.


The investors legal obligation is to do geodetic observing of underground installations before construction. The service users are usually public companies.

After doing geodetic observation we do marking installations on the charts and then we give an official paper about observing the underground installations.

Without that official paper you can’t get commissioning or premission in use.


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