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The major of AGB Đoković company activities are in the field of geodesy, construction services, preparation of project documentation, geodetic mapping, making cadastral maps, land subdivision projects, different construction site works, developing projects of built project in the purpose of legalization, adaptation of existing buildings, consulting services in the construction industry and many others.

The company currently has 12 employees, of which five persons have a BA degree in geodesy, one employee of the architectural profession, one employee of the legal profession, one person of the profession in economy business and four perpetrators who work in a field of general and administrative affairs.

The AGB Đoković company headquarters is located in the municipality of Čačak, address: Boulevard of Tanasko Rajić no.3, with two branches, one located in Sjenica, address: Milorad Jovanović street bb (in the building of the local PTT Post offices) and the other in Paraćin, address: Bora Petrović street no. 12/11.

For all the services we offer and provide to our clients, we have all of the required licenses and certificates. In constant tendency of growth as a company, we develop and operate from our own financial resources, creating new jobs and hiring young and well-educated people. We also financially support development of sports in two different sport clubs. We have been participating in many charity actions so far. We have been received many awards and recognitions as a socially responsible company. We are well known for our excellent collaboration with the other colleagues from the same private sector and with the suppliers of geodetic materials. Our business plan for the year of 2016 is based on opening two new branches, one in the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade and the other in Kovin, province of Vojvodina. We have been running this business for the past 12 years on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and we want to thank to all of our clients for the trust they gave to us.

The slogan of our company is "THE WORLD ACCORDING TO OUR CUSTOM."

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  • Tanaska Rajica 3
    32000 Cacak

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